Cape County Tea Party: Southerners Need not Apply

On Monday October 7, 2013 The Marble Hill-Constitution News brought you coverage of the Occupy Mingo event which had taken place the previous day at the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge.

The event was an unsponsored event made up of members from several liberty minded political groups ( Libertarian Party, Tea Party and SEMO-10) also included were a number of individuals not affiliated with any of the previously mentioned political organizations , this is why the Constitution-News reported:

On Sunday October 6, 2013 citizens gathered at Mingo National Wildlife Refuge in Stoddard County, Missouri to protest the closing of the refuge due to the government shutdown.

I am proud to say that I was one of those citizens who chose to protest the unnecessary closures of public land as of late, due to the government shut down.  I am proud that I chose to carry my Confederate Battle Flag to the event. To me the flag represents States Rights, which I felt made it appropriate for an event that was organized because of an over-reach in power from the Executive Branch of our government.

That being said, just to be safe, I made sure to inform one of the organizers of the event, on the events Facebook Page…

mingo_event_1For the record there was no objections from anyone regarding my choice of flag to bring to the event. In fact, the same organizer of the event that asked the question as to what sign we are bringing “liked” my comment on what I was bringing to the event…


As proud as I am about my choice of flag to take to the event, I am even more proud to say that I am the first one to have crossed the barricade and walk past the NFWS officers.

Little did I know that the leader of the Cape County Tea Party organization, Brian Bollman, was filming the event. In the first video you can see me walk past the barricade and the officers.

In the second video you see a woman telling her husband she does not like the Confederate flag, you then hear Mr. Bollman state that he did not like it either and that I was trying to hijack the event for my own purposes.  You can also hear the same Mr. Bollman state “Ok we’re going in” after waiting to see if I was going to get arrested or not. ( My what a brave fellow he is).

I contacted Mr. Bollman about his criticism of me ,informing him that I thought it was “cowardly”. You can click on the image below to view his “reply” and it is important to point out that he states he talked to the reporter from the “Daily Statesman” who (says Bollman) was glad that “they” had separated themselves from me. (So much for objectivity):


I contacted Chris Blattel, one of the event organizers to see if he felt the same way toward me as Bollman and he replied with the following statement:

As a SEMO- 10 member and support{er} of the bill of rights, I think that’s your mode and right to free speech. It’s not what i would have done, but i don’t slight you for it either. It’s your right…it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.-Chris Blattel, SEMO-10

I would like to thank Mr. Blattel for his support of my decision.

In the case of Mr. Bollman and the Tea Party, I would like to say that this is not the first time that the Tea Party has espoused politically-correct ideals and put them above the core principles of Liberty. ( See: “Why the Tea Party Failed” Jan 16, 2013- Marble Hill-Constitution ).

For those who might question the symbolism that the Confederate Flag, I highly recommend “True Georgia State Flag is based on a Christian Symbol”

Respond to Cape County Tea Party Leader Brian Bollman’s anti-Southern rhetoric by Clicking This Link and sending him a Facebook Message.

Post your thoughts on the Cape County Tea Party’s anti-Southern statements on their Facebook Wall by Clicking This Link



its your right to freedom of assembly and free speech

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6 Responses to “Cape County Tea Party: Southerners Need not Apply”

  1. I heard a man carried a Confederate Battle flag and some protested—–HEY, we face the same totalitarian ilk our Southern states faced during the invasion of the South by a tyrant. That flag is an honorable flag. Is it any wonder the totalitarian Obama insisted on taking his oath of office on the “Lincoln Bible”—birds of prey of the same feather!

  2. The TEA Party seems to be mostly people who only care about their retirement accounts. States’ rights isn’t in their vocabulary. Forget ’em.


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