Lacy featured as “Missouri Local Leader”

clint_missouri10The Missouri 10th website has featured Marble Hill, Missouri resident, Clint Lacy as a “Missouri Local Leader”

From the Missouri 10th Website:

“The following interview is from Missouri’s Mr. Clint Lacy, former Marble Hill alderman and publisher of the online newspaper, “The Marble Hill Constitution-News”. He recently gained national attention through his online paper, and community leadership role during the federal “shutdown”.

Missouri Tenth: Hello Clint! Thanks for taking the time to share with Missouri readers about how you promote liberty through your leadership and activism in Missouri. First off, could you describe a little bit about how growing up in Missouri shaped your views today?

CL: I grew up in the lowlands of rural Southeast Missouri on the border of where the Missouri Bootheel meets the Ozarks and Crowley’s Ridge. It was predominantly a farming culture. I enjoyed the openness and the wide open spaces. I have lived in the Ozark Foothills for the past 13 years and have grown to love and appreciate the area, it’s beauty and the people.

Missouri Tenth: Could you describe why you ran for Alderman in Marble Hill, and any positive or humorous experiences you had while serving as a leader in your community?

CL: I ran for Alderman because I was tired of seeing how City Hall was treating the people. Promises made were not honored, I felt they were not doing their job and I vowed to run for office. I did just that, a friend of mine let me use his copying machine to print out flyers in which I espoused a need for honest constitutional government. I took those flyers and went door to door with them. I won by 6 votes.

Without a doubt the most humorous experience of my two years as alderman revolved around a proposed wine tasting during the city’s “Fall Festival”. A winery located north of town wanted to have a tasting to promote their product. It was going to be set up in a different park with a police officer checking ID’s and taped off.

All of the alderman thought it was a good idea until a Baptist minister caught wind of it and brought members from at least three different churches at which time every alderman except myself changed their vote. One of the women attending wished harm on my children because I supported the tasting, I got out of my seat to give her a piece of my mind but the mayor asked me to sit down. Later another women (who was sitting by the mayor) became rude with him and he gave her a piece of his mind. After the meeting I was talking to the Mayor and he smelled heavily of bourbon.”

You can read the whole interview by CLICKING ON THIS LINK

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