Nationally Syndicated Radio Hosts call Brian Bollmann, Cape County Tea Party “Clowns”

Former Marble Hill Alderman , Internet news publisher and Southern activist Clint Lacy appeared on the nationally syndicated “The Political Cesspool” radio program on Saturday, October 19, 2013 to discuss his experience with the government shut down, the “Occupy Mingo” protest and the Cape County Tea Party chairman Brian Bollmann.

During the interview (which starts about 25 minutes into hour two of the broadcast and can be heard by clicking on THIS LINK ) host James Edwards asked Lacy about the criticism he received from members of a Tea Party group about the Confederate Battle Flag he brought to the protest. Edwards stated that the Confederate flag was “A Christian flag , if anybody knows the history of it, it’s a flag that forever flies against tyranny, I thought it was the perfect symbol for such an occasion , to protest the closure of public land”

Co-Host Eddy Miller weighed in by stating:

I hope these people that were with you, that were supposed to support you Clint are listening, because you’re a bunch of clowns. You’re a bunch of pathetic clowns. You turned on the only man out there that showed any glimmer of courage.

Later in the interview Miller stated that the whole incident was on video and called Cape County Tea Party Chairman a “total coward”:

The interview can be heard by CLICKING ON THIS LINK 

Lacy’s interview starts at approximately 25 minutes into the video.


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