Survey: Libertarians Have Little in Common With Tea Party

From Newsmax.Com:

Committed libertarians — as distinct from those who simply fancy the label — comprise just 7 percent of the U.S. population and have little philosophically in common with the tea party, according to a statistical portrait published Tuesday by the Religious News Service.
“Most libertarians [61 percent] do not consider themselves a part of the tea party movement and only one in four tea party people would call themselves libertarian,” according to the Public Religion Research Institute’s annual American Values Survey.
Libertarians do not fit neatly into the liberal-to-conservative political spectrum, said Robert Jones, of the Public Religion Research Institute: “We were not sure we could find a coherent group that could say they oppose making abortion more difficult and at the same time oppose raising the minimum wage. But we did.”
In contrast to tea party followers, politically, libertarians prefer Rand Paul (R-Ky) over Ted Cruz (R-Texas); and while 22 percent of libertarians identify with the Christian right, 52 percent of tea party followers do.

For instance, 32 percent of the tea party constituents believe in the literal meaning of Scripture compared to just 19 percent for libertarians. Only a minority of libertarians feel it is necessary to believe in God to be moral.

Tea party-Libertarian philosophies meld solidly on the issue of government involvement in the economy, Obamacare, and environmental regulation. Though libertarians more viscerally oppose Obamacare than tea party followers.
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After my recent experience with the Tea Party this article makes a lot of sense. My opinion is that not only do Libertarians more viscerally oppose Obamacare, they more viscerally oppose most anything more than the Tea Party. Though it is likely that the majority of Americans do not support the Libertarian Party it is most certain that Libertarians support the majority of Americans- Editor


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One Response to “Survey: Libertarians Have Little in Common With Tea Party”

  1. I’m not the tea party’s biggest fan, but the problem with libertarians, at least the hardcore ones, is their disdain for moral standards or authority of any kind. The article says 22% of libertarians identify with the Christian right and that seems high to me. I worry that, human nature being what it is, the political right will swing to the extreme libertarian end and what little social standards we still have will be lost. Do as thou wilt, as long you don’t coerce, will be the whole of the law.

    Disclaimer: All the libertarians that I interact with are online and may not be acurately representative of the whole.

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