‘Dixie’ was originally an Irish music hall song

Thanks to Billy Bearden for sharing this article from Irish Central.Com:

A new book on the Irish and the Confederacy notes  that “Dixie” the anthem of the south “I wish I was in the land of cotton / Old times they are not forgotten” was actually written by an Irish American performer named Dan Emmett who sang it in black face at the conclusion of a minstrel show run by the O’Neill brothers from Ireland  in New York.

Though beloved by Lincoln “Dixie” became the anthem of the south even down to the present day. Emmett a supporter of Lincoln wrote later that “If I had known to what use they [Southerners] were going to put my song, I will be damned if I’d have written it.”

“The Green and the Gray”  by British-based historian David T. Gleeson also states that “Irish participation in the Confederate experiment,remains a “complex and imperfectly understood element of the American Civil War.

Gleeson also uncovers that tens of thousands of Irish fled South before the Civil War fleeing the Know Nothings and became so powerful in certain parts that legislators felt obliged to push their agenda.

A young freshman congressman from Mississippi spoke out against the Know Nothings and their attempt to stop the Irish getting citizenship. His name was Jefferson Davis , later president of the Confederacy.

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