SCV Commander Michael Givens on Huffington Post Live

Today Huffington Post Live covered the subject of the Confederate flag, specifically performer Kanye West’s recent use of the symbol. While host Marc Lamont Hill was fair in his coverage, the same can not be said for all of his guests.¬† CiC Givens gave well thought out intelligent answers to the questions he was asked but was often interrupted and “talked” over by guests¬† Dr. Iyelli Ichile (Philadelphia , PA) Associate Professor, African-American Studies, Temple University and Dacia Mitchell (Berkeley, CA) Managing Editor,

The normal pointed accusations that the Confederate flag oversaw the cruel institution with slavery was countered by Givens’ argument that slavery and racial prejudice was not unique to the South and that many flags flew over slavery (including that of the United States) of course this mattered not to those who parroted “racism” and “dead bodies” in their “discussion” of the St. Andrew’s Cross.

I’ve often been a proponent of Heritage not Hate but how can that argument win against those who wish to only honor THEIR view of history , refusing to acknowledge the sacrifice of the Southern soldier and the citizens of the South during the War?

Many anti-Southern comments were posted. Strangely enough when I submitted a criticism of Dr. Ichile and Dacia Mitchelle, it was not “approved” by Huffington Post editors Clint


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One Response to “SCV Commander Michael Givens on Huffington Post Live”

  1. Just another I hate … media screaming session. Not worth the time.

    Those who ‘invite’ someone to such a scream-fest are just ambushing cowards. Not interested in facts, only their emotions.

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