Southern Nationalist Responds to Recent Criticism

Recently the Constitution-News published an article about the peculiar similar views between Southern Nationalist and Leftist in regards to whether or not minorities served in Confederate ranks.  I very clearly irritated Michael Cushman, publisher of the Southern Nationalist News responded with the following post on Facebook:


 Allegedly, we are similar to the Left because we supposedly hold that ‘minorities did not serve the Confederacy.’ And we are nationalists. Therefore, we are national socialists and should adopt the swastika as our symbol. lol Brilliant argument, huh? We deny that the CSA was a US-like multiracialist experiment in egalitarianism therefore we are socialists. Clearly the writer fails to understand that socialism is primarily an economic ideology – and one that I am pretty sure the vast majority of LS members reject. He is also in denial about the CSA was all about.- Michael Cushman, Publisher of the Southern Nationalist News

It is true that in the past I have tried to make peace with Mr. Cushman, but it became evident over time that this could not be possible.

The argument wasn’t whether or not the South was a “multicultural” society, it was about honoring those who served the South and the Confederacy.

There was a substantial Jewish population that lived in South Carolina and Mississippi.  There were Native-Americans who served the cause and yes there were Africa-Americans (both free and slave) who served the Confederacy as well.

For this, they should be honored as the soldiers that they were but this is a problem for both Cushman and Leftist bloggers.  If the leftist acknowledge that minorities served in Confederate ranks, then the South ceases to be an evil empire and slavery is no longer the moral cause of the North’s involvement in the war.

The Cushman camp takes a different approach and that is “Yes it was over slavery, so what?” If they acknowledge that minorities served in Confederate ranks then the War for Southern Independence becomes what it really was, a nation that was tired of economic policies that favored the North at the expense of the South. This severely clashes with the latest brand recognition campaign by Cushman and that is to propagandize that the South was a lily-white culture, anyone who disagrees with this get’s branded by the scandalous “Rainbow Confederate” terminology that Cushman invented as a type of shameful insult to make anyone think twice about talking about minority Confederates.

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3 Responses to “Southern Nationalist Responds to Recent Criticism”

  1. I went back and read the referenced post and the comments. I don’t have first hand experience with the rainbow confederate meme, but I have watched the Southern nationalism of SNN (a site which I enjoy reading from time to time) and Occidental Dissent (I was hoping Hunter Wallace/Brad Griffin do more with his Confederate Rennaisance site, but tis apparently dead) turn into white nationalism. As these young rogues drift into bland white power, they are dropping the regional distinctions such as the flag. The discussion on Occidental Dissent of a month or so ago were interesting as Southern Nationalists argued with Wallace/Griffin and that group over exactly the concerns you bring up.

    Southern identity is dying. We are being assimilated a little more each generation and this will continue until, or unless, we start creating a culture complete with institutions that offers an alternative to the mainstream. History is undeniably important, it gives a sense of place and identity, but it is not enough, history influences and is brought to fruition by the future. In other words, if the Southern Nationalists don’t create a nation with its own tv, radio, movies, schools, books, etc then somebody else will. We need to step up and become a nation again, not just quaint historical markers along the highway.

    Slightly off topic, did you see this about the Museum of the Confederacy in VA?


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