The Common Tactics of South-Hating Leftists

Yesterday Connie Chastain published an article on her “BACKSASS” blog entitled “How Liars Lie…and Why” in which she responds to some less than ethical blogging practices from a certain college professor in Arizona and his utilization of my refuting the direction the League of the South has taken in recent years to advance his own agenda. Writes Chastain:

There are lots of way, of course, and Simpson is an expert at quite a few. I want to focus now on just one of them. complete with example.

He recently blogged about Clint Lacy’s “falling out” with the League of the South. (Simpson, as he is wont to do, inserted his currently favorite lie about those people he hates so much, the Virginia Flaggers, although it’s totally irrelevant to the subject of the blog post… to wit: “… that favorite of so many Virginia Flaggers, Matthew Heimback…” but more on that in a minute).

Lacy responded with this comment: “Never said I was a critic of activists, just how the League is going about it and to call Mathew Heimbach a favorite of the Virginia Flaggers is inaccurate. You seem to take a lot of ‘creative liberty’ with your coverage.”

Now watch carefully, children, and see just one of the many ways a consummate liar lies.

Sed Simpson, “Ah, so your are simply criticizing their approach, not the substance of their racism.”

Lacy neither states nor implies that. It is a deliberate lie on Simpson’s part.

Then the liar says, “The association between the Virginia Flaggers and Matthew Heimbach has been clearly documented.” 

Depends. There is no association between them, and I have documented that.

What Simpson has done is to take a molehill (Heimbach’s attending a couple of Flagger events) and create an Everest of Lies about. He has done this because he hates the VaFlaggers, though I have no idea why. They have done absolutely nothing to him.

Simpson later says, “Mr. Lacy is not bound by notions of historical accuracy when it comes to advancing his beliefs…” Funny, coming from a man whose notions of truth and accuracy are nonexistent when advancing his hatred of the VaFlaggers … and other Southern heritage folks.

Brooks Simpson Arizona Professor and Leftist blogger.

Brooks Simpson Arizona Professor and Leftist blogger.

The “Simpson” Chastain is referring to is an Arizona college professor by the name of Brooks Simpson , who happens to publish the “Crossroads” blog.

The blog is an outlet for Simpson to attack supporters of Southern Heritage and Culture it also serves as an online meeting place for Leftist keyboard commandos who like to post comments that they rarely have the nerve to post on their own blogs.

The blog post of Simpson that Chastain was referring to was entitled “Another Denunciation of the League of the South … and Virginia Flagger Favorite Matthew Heimbach“.  Simpson used it to put his own spin on an article I had written for my news site entitled “Leftist and the League” .

What Simpson did was take one comment I posted and use it out of context in an attempt to damage my reputation as well. I  posted two additional comments to address what he did, but he opted not to publish them.

Leftists are usually the ones that cry for full disclosure and objectivity the most but when it comes to abiding by their sterling standards, they happen to be some of the worst offenders. Take for instance Chelsea Hoffman who writes for All Voices.Com.

Coffman recently reported on the Arizona teen Jacob Green who was suspended recently for being attacked by another student who did not like the fact that he had been flying the Confederate flag on his truck for the last six months.

Just what did Coffman make the focus of the story? Jacob Green’s earrings and oh by the way she strongly insinuated that he was gay because he wears them. Writes Coffman:

Arizona teen Jacob Green acts just like someone from Queen Creek — only he’s from Goodyear, which isn’t much different — and aside from his fabulous choice in dainty ear jewelry, he also has a rugged side. Unfortunately that rugged side also appears to want to wave the confederate flag — a flag long associated with racism and the fight between the northern and southern states during the civil war. Green believes he was a victim of a hate crime because an offended student confronted him over the flag. The confrontation escalated to a fight and both he and the other student were suspended from school.

While it’s wrong for him to had been attacked, there are a few glaring issues here that need to be noted. First of all, racist turd kickers aren’t a protected group of people in any state — not even Arizona. So his claim of being a victim of a hate crime is nothing more than hogwash — and obtuse hogwash at that. Secondly, his education on the history of the confederate flag is just laughable. He said:

“The flag means basically more independence, less government. It didn’t mean racism, it didn’t mean slavery — it didn’t mean any of that. It basically meant that they were fighting for was their right to be independent and not have the government control them.”

That’s a nice canned response, but it sounds a lot like Jacob Green didn’t do the research he claims — or at least he’s being purposely obtuse (which wouldn’t be surprising considering his laughable claims of being victimized in a hate crime). The “they” he is referring to in his lamebrained history summary refers to the southern states (not Arizona, by the way, which is ironic considering this twerp isn’t even in the south). And the government control he says they fought against refers to the aboloshment of slavery. So what Jacob is saying is that the confederate flag isn’t about slavery, it’s about the south fighting for its collective right….to own black slaves. Sound logic this teen has, huh folks?

So either this kid is a total numbskull who doesn’t know a thing about U.S. history, or he’s just some punk who is crying foul because a student was offended by his racist display of redneckery.

Actually it turns out young Jacob Green did do his research and was correct in his statement about the Confederate flag. On November 21 ( ironically the same date that Chelsea Coffman published her “hit peace” on  Green ) I reported the following:

In the August 2, 1864  The Daily Richmond Examiner, Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States of America states that slavery was not the cause of the South’s struggle for independence and The Daily Richmond Examiner stated:

“The whole cause of our resistance was and is, the pretension and full determination of the Northern States to use their preponderance in the Federal representation, in order to govern the Southern States for their profit. . Slavery was the immediate occasion–carefully made so by them–it was not the cause.”

I took the liberty of posting a comment on Chelsea Coffman’s article stating the above but it has disappeared.  In fact there is only one comment that now appears on her commentary ( in what appears to be out of four originally posted) and it is Chelsea Coffman who posted it stating:

Wow! How can you produce such an argument defending someone like Jefferson Davis, and producing such “credible” quotes but then turn around and delete your entire thread after I’ve produced sources to show that Jefferson Davis was a racist slave owner? Jeez, the dishonesty of some characters on the internet really shouldn’t surprise me, but it does time and time again. Here the links I shared that ended up deleted when the thread went the way of the confederacy…

TLDR version: There really is no sound way to defend the confederate flag without coming across totally the wrong way.

Brooks Simpson doesn’t have the market cornered on lying , omitting and twisting the truth and Chelsea Coffman is proof of this. This practice is common place  for Leftists in every form of media which includes blogs, newspapers and television in major and minor markets everywhere. – Editor

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  1. Another well written article sir!

  2. Excellent, Clint. Boy, do you have them pegged.

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