Radio Host Dennis Miller: Texas Most Likely to Secede


“With high schools around the nation preparing to hold graduation ceremonies soon, the state of Texas has laid claim to a class honorific: “Most Likely to Secede.”

Radio host Dennis Miller and columnist Mark Steyn gave a light-hearted nod to the idea of a breakup of the United States during a discussion on Miller’s radio show Thursday, with Steyn acknowledging that the independence movement in Texas is no joke.

The two were discussing what might happen if the tide of socialism washing over the United States remains the prevailing political driving force in Washington, and Miller said getting away from socialism wouldn’t necessarily involve moving to Australia. He suggested instead moving to Texas, which would be “the first place to push back against it.”

“If I ever do flee, don’t think fleeing has to involve you going over to Alice Springs or something,” Miller said. “I’m going to Texas because that’ll be the first place that pushes back. They’re not going down the tubes with this country if this country decides to go down the tubes. I really think I’d head for Texas.”

Steyn, a columnist for the conservative National Review, said that Texas could well turn out to be the leader of a Soviet Union-style breakup because the independence movement there is a “serious” one.

“I think you’re right there,” Steyn said. “The idea that all 50 states are going to be content to slide off the cliff in a kind of haze and a drone of sort of soporific princess fluffy-bunny socialism is completely false. I mean, there will be — you’re going to have serious secession movements if some of this stuff isn’t turned around, not just in Texas.”

Steyn is absolutely right. There are elements in Texas that are VERY serious about secession and unlike a certain other group of secessionists they are much more credible. The movement in Texas is about freedom , independence and self-government, NOT about racial superiority- Editor


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