Dean Clifford and the Sovereign Citizen Movement… of Canada

Recently the Constitution-News reported on the story of Ernie Tertelgte whose videotaped court appearance went viral on the internet the Constitution-News also reported on additional videos of Mr. Tertelgte as well.

I was keeping up with the stories on Mr. Tertelgte on various news sites and blogs and found that one law student’s blog covered the case as well. Interestingly enough someone left a comment on his blog that directed the reader to a podcast entitled “Red Ice Radio”.  Even more interesting is the fact that this podcast, which is very inciteful , originates from Sweden of all places.

One episode of Red Ice Radio featured a Canadian named Dean Clifford who discusses the Sovereign Citizen or Freeman’s movement in Canada. Like Mr. Tertelgte he has had his share of court battles but unlike Mr. Tertelgte he seems to have been more successful in his efforts and discusses the issues with more clarity.

It seems this Sovereign Citizen thing is far bigger than just the United States and it’s popularity around the world. Below is the Red Ice Radio podcast interview with Dean Clifford.  Readers should be warned that Mr. Clifford’s language is quite “colorful”at times- Editor

Click Image Below to Listen to Podcast


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