WW-2 Japanese Submarine found off Hawaii Coast: Mission was to attack Panama Canal

Here’s one for all of those interested in WW-2 era history. Researches have found a Japanese WW-2 era sub off the coast of Hawaii. Video was posted on the Coast to Coast website which reports : “A Japanese submarine, missing since 1946, has been found off the coast of Hawaii. The 400 ft. vessel had been preparing to attack the Panama Canal before it was sunk by US forces”

The Mail Online.Com reports:

A Japanese submarine that was preparing to attack the Panama Canal during World War Two has been discovered off the coast of Hawaii.

The 400-foot (122-meter) ‘Sen-Toku’ class vessel – among the largest pre-nuclear submarines ever built – was found by chance in August off the southwest coast of Oahu.

It has been missing since 1946 according to scientists at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The I-400 and its sister ship, the I-401, which was found off Oahu in 2005, were able to travel one and a half times around the world without refuelling.

It could also hold up to three folding-wing bombers that could be launched minutes after resurfacing, the scientists said…

U.S. forces sank the submarines and claimed to have no information on their precise location, in an apparent bid to prevent their technology falling into the hands of the Soviet Union, which had demanded the ships be returned to Japan.

Other mega subs have been found in waters off Oahu and in the Sea of Japan. One in the submarine class remains missing.

The discovery of the I-400 was announced on Monday after NOAA had reviewed its findings with the U.S. State Department and Japanese government officials, researchers said.

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