Hunter Wallace’s “Rainbow Confederate” Moment

Hunter Wallace, publisher of the Occidental Dissent blog and critic of "Rainbow Confederates"

Hunter Wallace, publisher of the Occidental Dissent blog and critic of “Rainbow Confederates”


Over the past year the League of the South has seemed to have shifted it’s focus from Southern Independence to Racial Superiority. As I have noted in the past anyone who expresses a belief that African-Americans (both free and slave) fought for the Confederacy is listed as a “Rainbow Confederate”.

I couldn’t help but notice in a recent report by Hunter Wallace (publisher of the Occidental Dissent blog) took a strange stance (based on statements he has recently made) in regards to African-Americans.

It was found in a report about a League of the South protest against South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham.  Wallace, reported that the “highlight” of his day was when:

a black man pulled over to talk to us in Greer. Referring to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s support for amnesty for illegal aliens, he told us, “I have been preaching this for years. These Mexicans taking our jobs aren’t even Americans.” He later drove back by us and saluted us from his vehicle.

This is a strange statement indeed , coming from Wallace who recently stated:

Experience has shown time and again that segregation and white supremacy are necessary to preserve White majorities in a multiracial environment. The people who denounced segregation and white supremacy as illegitimate undermined the cultural foundation that preserved the White majority.

So what kind of message is Hunter Wallace sending and does this now make him a “Rainbow Confederate”?

The incident Wallace writes about should serve as a valuable lesson to him and others of the “Racialist” wing of the League and that lesson is sometimes you find an ally in your cause where you least expect it.

Issues such as the politics of Lindsay Graham, his anti-Southern voting record and his support of illegal immigration, while simultaneously voting to strip American citizens of their rights are issues that Southerners both Black and White can support and in this process African-Americans just might find they have more in common with their white Southern brotheron  than they realize.

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4 Responses to “Hunter Wallace’s “Rainbow Confederate” Moment”

  1. Unfortunately, this black man is not representative of the black population as a whole. In a society, one culture, one set of values, must be dominant. So, Wallace is right to a point, the ability to shun those who don’t conform to the values of society is necessary. As a whole, the black community does not conform to the values you and I support and so must be forced to do so or leave. Assuming our values are dominant, if our’s are not the dominant values, we can look at South Africa or Zimbabwe to see what that would be like.

    My complaint with this new direction is the “pan European” element, trying to be inclusive of all white people and white cultures, at the expense of actual Southern nationalism. I don’t see how they are different from that Cobb guy in N. Dakota or any other generic white nationalist group.

    • Let me add that I think the white nationalists draw their line to strictly. They base it 100% on race and don’t leave any room for those who align with them culturally, but not racially. I think you need some room for statistical outliers like the black man mentioned, but you need to be strict and citizenship needs to be earned.

      As an aside, the black guy could have been messing with them hoping to get them to call him a name or something.

      • I’ve revised my thinking.
        Caring for your people is an extension of family values. There is whole range, prioritised kind of like concentric rings, that stretches from yourself to your family, your community all the way to the world. Its all family values. White nationalists try to make race itself a value and disrupt the fractal like structure of true values.

        Its a matter of balance and moderation. If a race war starts, and I won’t be surprised if it does as the minority population grows more equal to ours, then we will all have to prioritise us and them. In 1859, US Navy Commander Josiah Tattnell violated US neutrality to aid the British against the Chinese. His explanation? “Blood is thicker than water.”

        Sorry to carry on a one-man conversation on your blog!

      • Feel free to carry on and continue your conversation Roger 🙂

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