Marble Hill goes “Outlaw Crazy”

roberson_eagles Local favorites Jason Roberson and the Outlaw Crazy Band were in town Saturday night and played to a full house at the Bollinger County Eagles Aerie #4473.

The band played a combination of original music mixed with Country and Classic Rock and gave the crowd a high-energy show.

Roberson and his band are among a select few performing artist that sound even better at their live shows and on their recorded material. The musicianship and vocals were tight and spot on.

Photo Credit: Jason Mathew James

On the net:

Bollinger County Eagles Aerie #4473

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2 Responses to “Marble Hill goes “Outlaw Crazy””

  1. Nice write up! Eagles FB Page: would appreciate the tag!

  2. Thank You Stephanie. I have added a link to the Bollinger County Eagles F.O.E. Facebook page in the article.

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