New Study: Humans Crave Rural Tranquility

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Human brains are hard-wired to enjoy the calm of the countryside – while cities make us confused, anxious and aggressive

Many of us dream of escaping to the calm and tranquillity of the countryside, leaving the rat race behind – and it seems this may be due to the fact our brain is telling us to.

Researchers from Exeter have discovered we are hard-wired to seek out rural landscapes because they make us feel calm, while cities confuse us and make us aggressive – even if we’ve only ever lived in urban areas.

This could be due to the fact humans lived in rural environments for hundreds of years, or may be because our brains just aren’t equipped to handle the huge amounts of stimuli in busy cityscapes.

To test their theory of rural versus urban living, scientists at Exeter University wired up participants to an MRI scanner before showing them images of cities and country landscapes.

When rural images were flashed onto a screen, the limbic area of the brain was activated and lit up on the scanner.

I can’t help but think about the differences between the cultures during the Civil War. The North was industrial, the South was agricultural. According to the above quoted study when images of cities and busy streets were shown to the participants, the area of the brain associated with ‘visual complexity’ – the visual cortex in the occipital lobe – was activated.

This caused the brain to try and scan the image, make sense of everything it was seeing and process all the information, which can lead to confusion and anxiety.

Think about our culture today. It revolves around Wall Street and Greed and the players aren’t just content with mere profits, they want growth. How much is enough? It is never enough.   It will never be enough for these people at some point growth has to stop.
Greed and contentment are two things that do not go hand and hand and as long as Wall Street calls the shots, as long as they control the government, they control us.  The line between corporations and government is a fine one indeed.

Southerners {both before and after the war} knew that the secret to happiness was a rural tranquil lifestyle- Editor


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