Mystery of the “Non Engaging” Mr. Meyer

MeyerEarlier this year Corey Meyer an Illinois school teacher, radical anti-Southern fanatic and blogger called it “quits” and shut down his blog entitled “The Blood of Kindred”.

Details could be found in Andy Hall’s “Dead Confederates” blog.  Hall a Texan and a fellow friend and ideologue of Mr. Meyer ,posted on January 12, 2014:

As many of you know, Corey Meyer took down his blog, The Blood of My Kindred, last week after an incident in which a Confederate flag and a sack of coal, directed at him, were left near his place of work. Kevin Levin sees this as an act of intimidation, and I do, as well. Although several of us have been the targets of threats, violent rhetoric or efforts to make trouble at our jobs, Corey has been a particular favorite of folks employing such tactics; in the last few moths he’s been the target of both a Facebook group and an online petition set up explicitly to cause problems for him at work.

In May, Meyer fired up his “Blood of my Kindred” blog once again, stating:

I have, through much inner debate, decided to return to blogging. I will not, however, engage in arguments with neo-confederates and Lost Causers that created a need for my exiting blogging at the beginning of this calendar year.

Oddly enough this is the one and only post Meyer has published since May 7, 2014.  One wonders what he could be preoccupied with if not publishing his blog.

It appears that Meyer has focused exactly on what he said he was not going to focus on, he’s just doing it behind the scenes.

On July 14 I received an email asking me to approve a recent comment submitted by… Corey Meyer in response to an article I had published entitled “The Difference Between Craders and Punchbowls”. The comment that Mr. Meyer submitted for approval stated:

Hey Clint why don’t you write a book and refute the claims made by Kevin? That usually how it works or are you afraid no one will buy your book.

Now I’m no grammar Nazi but it certainly would appear that a school teacher would know to put a question mark at the end of a question instead of a period.  Oh well, I suppose teachers unions are good at retaining teacher’s positions, just not so great at keeping skilled people in those positions but I digress…

This certainly does not seem to be the behavior of a man who does not wish to engage “Neo-Confederates” and “Lost Causers”.  In fact it seems quite the opposite as do the numerous “friend requests” that Southern heritage folks have received from someone that many suspect to be Meyer.  Below are screen shots from fake Facebook profiles suspected to be the “non-engaging” Mr. Meyer.- Editor










































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