Local Editorial : Anybody but Moss

allen_mossI could tell a story in detail of my personal experience of dealing with Allen Moss but it’s all speculation.  Let’s just say I strongly believe that he once persuaded someone to provoke me into committing a criminal act, an act that, in itself I was able to see right through and not fall for.

The truth is that my story is not needed because cold , hard , documented facts prove that Moss is not fit to be a judge.

According to an article published in the February 11, 2014 Southeast Missourian newspaper, entitled “Allen Moss announces plans for judge race”


But Moss’ campaign comes with controversy via a longtime county prosecutor.

Moss has officially run for office once before. In 1994, he sought the Division IV judge’s post, but lost the election to Peter Statler. In late 2012, Moss publicly stated his interest in replacing Prosecuting Attorney Morley Swingle, but ultimately decided not to seek nomination to the post from Gov. Jay Nixon, citing political pressure and family considerations.

Swingle, who left the elected county position to become a federal prosecutor and is now working for a private firm in Colorado, released documents in 2012 related to Moss’ 1988 separation from the prosecuting attorney’s office. The documents were released in response to an open records request from the Southeast Missourian at the time. Moss was approached by the Southeast Missourian about the accusations in the documents, but he withdrew from the prosecutor’s race. Accompanying the documents was a letter from Swingle, noting that Moss was the only one of 34 assistant prosecutors Swingle asked to resign in his 25 years as prosecutor.

The documents detailed allegations of inappropriate behavior by Moss during the eight months he was an assistant prosecutor, including the use of the N-word during his time of employment. The documents also claim Moss had a badge made without Swingle’s authorization and inappropriately showed it to police officers at the scene of a search warrant execution. Swingle also claimed Moss used profanity in front of a judge, and made “extremely critical comments about the PA office” in general as well as about a specific attorney, behind his back. Moss, according to Swingle’s documents, is said to have tried to demand action from the Jackson Police Department, which was not under his jurisdiction.

Using the N-WORD , manufacturing of a false badge, demanding action from a police department not in his jurisdiction? Can anyone possibly expect this man to be honest, fair or impartial?

If Mr. Moss did not have the maturity to be an Assistant Prosecutor, how could we possibly expect him to show  enough maturity to be a judge? I would recommend voting for Bertrand or Gardner for circuit judge. Either one. Anybody but Moss.













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