Bias at the Banner

bpWhen I was elected to the Board of Alderman back in 2008, the first thing I did was take the information packet they gave us at each meeting down to the Banner Press newspaper. The staff was astonished. “We’ve never had anyone do this before”, said Candice Davis , the editor at the time. My goal was to let everyone know what was going on in their City Hall. When Candice left and Linda Redeffer ( the current editor) took over a certain “City Official” went down and told her what kind of “trouble makers” that Candice and I were.

After the first meeting she attended I asked her if she would like to look over my notes and the information packet.

“No Thank You. I take very good notes”, was her cold reply.

From the very first meeting she attended, from the time of the initial visit from the “official” when she took over the paper, she allowed her bias to influence her coverage.

Yesterday’s headline in the Banner Press read:”CITIZENS GROUP ALLEGES PORN AT LIBRARY”

Despite the fact that the allegations were proven false, and reported as such in the paper, this was the headline. Quoting the Banner Press:

Shaffer said a deputy went to the library with a laptop and was able to access pornographic sites. The officer also checked the libraries computers and found that its filters were working making it impossible to access objectionable material…

The article continues by detailing the fact that the WI-FI accessed by the officer was from a local business within range of the library and that Chief Shaffer stated “They proved to me it was not intentional”.

This is not the first time editor Linda Redeffer and I have disagreed about the way she chooses to publish information.

When I moved to Marble Hill my water bill was around $34.00 a month. One of the information packets I received contained an engineering study which suggested the city should double the water rates. I predicted that the rates would double if we did not do something to improve our system. Later Mrs. Redeffer would write:

“The rates have not been doubled as Lacy predicted earlier”.

Five years later my average monthly water bill now costs me between $80 to $118.

Does Mrs. Redeffer take very good notes? I’ll let you be the judge of that. Does she write misleading headlines to sensationalize stories? In my opinion, yes.- Editor


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I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

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