Bollinger County goes “Outlaw Crazy” for Jason Roberson / Keith Anderson
























On any given day the sleepy little Ozark Foothills town of Zalma , Missouri boasts a population of 122 people but once a year the population, for just one day, escalates into a booming town of several thousand people, thanks to the Rustic Lodge owners Richard and Vicky Dinkens and their summer concert series.

Once a year the Rustic Lodge hosts popular Country Music recording acts that , in the past have included The Kentucky Headhunters , Confederate Railroad, Little Texas and this year Keith Anderson.

Local up and coming band Jason Roberson and Outlaw Crazy was invited to open up for Anderson bringing their high energy mix of Country and Rock music that fans have come to know and expect from the group.

While mixing it up with songs from bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alice in Chains keeps the show moving, their best work comes in the form of their original material such as “No Way Home”.

But there’s no way home , No way home ,

Gettin’ high and alibis, Gonna lead me to my grave

No way home

Roberson, an independent music artist said that the song is making its way up the charts for the genre and with powerful lyrics , melodic guitar fills and tight harmony vocals it’s perfect for Country radio. REAL Country radio.

Nashville recording artist Keith Anderson performed after Jason Roberson and Outlaw Crazy.

Anderson who brought his unique brand of Country Music projected an air of friendliness and crowd interaction while bringing his hits “Wild Flowers” “XXL” “I Still Miss You” and his latest release “I’ll Bring the Music”

A combination of a beautiful evening and great music made for an enjoyable atmosphere on the banks of the Castor River. An experience that can only be found in Bollinger County , Missouri.

Thanks to Richard and Vicky Dinkens (owners of the Rustic), Jason Roberson and Outlaw Crazy as well as Keith Anderson.


You’re esteemed Editor with his best friend (and local character) “Whiskey Mike”

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