Weekend Music Feature: Shooter Jennings “Don’t Wait Up (for George)

Shooter-Jones-300x300This week saw the release of “Don’t Wait Up (for George)” by Shooter Jennings as part of an EP (extended play) release Mr. Jennings recorded in honor of his good friend George Jones. It just happens to be one of two EP’s that Jennings plans on releasing this year, the other being “Countach (for Giorgio)” an EP that Shooter recorded for one of his other musical role models, Giorgio Moroder ( a pioneer of synthesized and electronic music) .

What is interesting about how Shooter approached these projects is the fact that though he wanted to pay tribute to both “Georges” , it was his desire to do so in a unique way, thus on the EP “Don’t Wait Up (for George) Jennings infused the two original tribute songs and three George Jones cover songs with subtle ( and sometimes not so subtle) electronic and synthesized sounds.

“Countach (For Giorgio) , which will be released later this year is an EP paying tribute to Moroder’s electronic music , and will be infused with traditional Country instruments.

The result is a very unique record and tribute to his friend George Jones. Yes it is different. A different that some hard-core Country fans may not appreciate but for those of us who are sick and tired of the cookie-cutter “bro-Country” tracks that our cluttering up our airwaves , “Don’t Wait Up” is a very welcome surprise that has already received critical acclaim from such publications as Rolling Stone magazine and the L.A. Times

It is unique, different and original. It is a welcome change as well as a tribute, in itself, to the power of Independent music, musicians and record labels-Editor





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