Hands off my Heritage: A Response to Dana Loesch’s Claim that the Dem’s Created Gun Control

Radio Talk Show Host Dana Loesch , uses the latest Republican talking point to combat gun control advocates ; But is it the best strategy?

Radio Talk Show Host Dana Loesch , uses the latest Republican talking point to combat gun control advocates ; But is it the best strategy?

Democrats created gun control to deprive minorities of their Civil Rights in the post-war Civil War South. It is a talking point that conservative politico’s and well meaning NRA types use to combat anti-Second Amendment activist and elected officials.

While some applaud the strategy, here’s why they should stop.

The latest conservative radio personality to use this strategy is Dana Loesch, who responded to former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s call to disarm minorities by publishing an article which states:

In my book Hands Off My Gun I devote an entire chapter to the racist roots of gun control.Michael Bloomberg’s latest remark is emblematic of this chapter; the bigoted sentiment is, historically, a huge motivation of the anti-gun movement, apparently so to this day. Via the Washington Times

Bloomberg claimed that 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: male, minority and between the ages of 15 and 25. Cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands and keep them alive, he said.

Criminals don’t follow laws. The larger government grows the fewer opportunities for those who live under it. Bloomberg feels this is a blessing, not a burden that contributes to desperate people doing desperate things for money or to escape their reality. Disarming minorities for their own good? The KKK would agree with him. This was the logic behind the first federally-backed gun grab at Wounded Knee. It was the rationale used by white Democrats to prevent free black men and women from excercising their Second Amendment rights during Reconstruction

Below is my response to Mrs. Loesch:

While reading your article on Michael Bloomberg’s comments about minorities and gun control I couldn’t help but notice a Republican “talking point” that has been floating around for a couple of years now. Quoting from your article:

“It was the rationale used by white Democrats to prevent free black men and women from excercising their Second Amendment rights during Reconstruction”

Okay. Where to start?

First while recognizing that this talking point is convenient to roll out when liberals talk gun-control , it also leaves out some very important historical  truths.

During the era from pre-Civil War through Reconstruction, the Democrats were the conservatives and the Republicans were the progressive liberals.

Why is this important? It is important because progressives care little about the means in which they achieve a goal. They only concern themselves with the goal.

Think about what the biggest problem states in “fly-over country” have in the Barack Obama era. Is it not about the federal over-reach of power into a state’s jurisdiction?

Has the Federal government not interfered with the states on the subject of the Ferguson riots? Illegal Immigration? Gun control?

How did this happen?

It happened when Abraham Lincoln was elected and the subsequent events that followed.

The states used to be a check on the Federal government. Now the Federal government dictates to the states.

As an insurance policy the progressives of post-Civil War America wanted to insure that the South would never challenge the Federal government’s power again.

This was done by creating a racially charged environment in the South, forever dividing its populace through the creation of the Freedmen’s Bureau.

As a digitally archived article from a turn of the century issue of The Atlantic stated:

“The most perplexing and least successful part of the Bureau’s work lay in the exercise of its judicial functions. In a distracted land where slavery had hardly fallen, to keep the strong from wanton abuse of the weak, and the weak from gloating insolently over the half-shorn strength of the strong, was a thankless, hopeless task. The former masters of the land were peremptorily ordered about, seized and imprisoned, and punished over and again, with scant courtesy from army officers. The former slaves were intimidated, beaten, raped, and butchered by angry and revengeful men. Bureau courts tended to become centres simply for punishing whites, while the regular civil courts tended to become solely institutions for perpetuating the slavery of blacks. Almost every law and method ingenuity could devise was employed by the legislatures to reduce the Negroes to serfdom, — to make them the slaves of the state, if not of individual owners; while the Bureau officials too often were found striving to put the “bottom rail on top,” and give the freedmen a power and independence which they could not yet use”

Like any other bureaucracy, the Freedman’s Bureau employed opportunistic agents who would threaten members of the Bureau and Negro League in order to get them to do their bidding ( this was the Black on White crime the article refers to).

In response the Klan was formed in order to protect property and Civil Rights of Whites (this was the White on Black crime the article refers to)

Simply put the argument that the Democrats were the Klan who tried to keep the Blacks (who were aided by the Republicans) from owning guns is not historically accurate.

While using the talking point to combat Liberal sound bites is convenient , it is damaging to the defense of States Rights and insulting to Southerners , who happen to form the core of the Republican base,

In addition, If Republicans argue that the Democrats utilized gun control against the blacks, then the Democrats can argue that it was only because the Republicans armed them in order to do their dirty work to begin with.

Clint E. Lacy

Southeast Missouri

About aldermanlacy

I am just an average blue collar American who works hard and tries to be a good dad. I have a passion for history, music and freedom.

3 Responses to “Hands off my Heritage: A Response to Dana Loesch’s Claim that the Dem’s Created Gun Control”

  1. Modern Republicans keep trying to argue with the left in leftist terms. You can’t win a rigged game. None of this matters because, as you point out, the left is goal focused and will drive through any opposition. Since modern republicans can’t think outside the liberal framework, they are default liberals.

  2. LOL you accuse others of spouting errors and your whole arguments is based on a lie that parties got up one morning and changed sides en-mass. This is the most ignorant and bald-faced lie designed to absolve Democrats of their sins.

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