Life After the Raid: Pastor Tim Manning Reflects on the May, 2013 Raid on his N.C. Home

manningI am in pain and moderate shock from what just happened which I am trying to write about. It is 4 am and I am still not calmed down enough to sleep! Tonight 6-10+ male Law enforcement Officers in heavy body armor broke into my home and did much destruction. I am injured, but do not know how bad- Pastor Tim Manning via Facebook May, 2013

Pastor Manning also stated that the raid involved: “Two men were Police from Kernersville, NC and one with a vest that said Homeland Security Investigation. Some were in plain clothes and the rest in Forsyth County Sheriffs gear”

To make a long story short the raid appears to have been a result of a dispute between the Forsyth County, N.C. Sheriff’s Department and Pastor Manning’s son Chris, who is a bail bondsman. The whole story can be read by clicking on this link.

Nearly two years after the raid Pastor Manning details what life has been like following the raid and how he is responding to it- Editor

From Tim Manning ( via Facebook ) March 4, 2015:

THE MAY DAY RAID — May 1, 2013: RESULTS ~  This was a No-Knock Raid on a 67 year old retired pastor and Professor of Theology, me. One of the Forsyth County Sheriff Deputies told me that their assignment was to kill me and my son Christopher and said that there was a target on our backs during the raid. One of the deputies at the expense of losing his job had called me to warn us about the coming assassination attempt. I put my sons beautiful Golden Retreiver in a craite in my living room so they would not shoot him. He remained so quiet even during the bombing that they did not notice his being there. this saved his life.  

1) As a result of the Flash Bang Concussion Bomb that they threw in my entrance hallway (and then they quickly closed my front door which they had busted-in with them waiting for it explode while they stood on my porch), the bomb went off about 4-5 feet from me when I was on the way to open my front door and see who was on my property. I have a severe hears loss which is typical with the use of this device. As a result I have a “Profound Hearing Loss” in about half of the normal hearing range.  

2) Also the Concussion Bomb, which has in the past killed several people close to one when it explodes, put me into Adrenalin Shock for four days. I did not sleep for four days and three nights!!! This condition is life threatening and can kill a person. Their medic told me nothing about this but did take my blood pressure, but REFUSED to tell me what it was. This sent my blood pressure very high and my blood pressure has remained very high. When an event does this the high level of blood pressure remains high. My blood pressure remains dangerously high. My normal blood pressure until this time was notably on the low side. 

3) Their torture of me resulted in permanent damage to both of my knees. My left knee is so damaged that I can barely walk and it is in pain every day. Todays pain level is very high. I see my Dr. again tomorrow. 

4) We have sued Langford Protective Services who tried to bring some misdemeanor charges against my son which remains unsettled in the Forsyth County Court. The two false witnesses hired by Langford Protection Services were fired by Langford as a result of the “incident.” Also several deputies have been fired. We are pressing the issues.

5) We are also suing the Forsyth County Sheriff and his Deputies will be our witnesses. They were ordered by a Forsyth Judge to return all of the property they took from my home but the Forsyth County Sheriff Shotzman has failed to returned my guns and knives. It may be nearly a year, our lawyer says, before this case comes before the court. 

There is much more to this story about the failed assassination atempt on us, but God has preserved us. This has greatly damage me and my sons career, but we are pressing the issues still in court.

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