Francis Slay or Francis Underwood?: St. Louis Mayor’s Identity Problem

An article entitled “Should Confederate memorial be removed from Forest Park ( published in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch) reports that:

The 32-foot-high granite shaft depicting

The 32-foot-high granite shaft depicting “The Angel of the Spirit of the Confederacy” was presented to Forest Park in 1914 by the Daughters of the Confederacy of St. Louis- St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay, in a message posted Tuesday on his blog, is asking whether a memorial to Confederate soldiers in Forest Park should be removed.

Slay wants the Missouri History Museum, Forest Park Forever and the Incarnate Word Foundation to assemble a “centennial reappraisal committee” to determine whether the statue should be relocated. 

Said Slay: “Their charge would be to recommend whether, with the benefit of a longer view of history, the monument is appropriately situated in Forest Park — the place where the world was asked to meet and experience St. Louis at its best and most sublime — or whether it should be relocated to a more appropriate setting.”

Slay also suggests the groups examine the possible renaming of Confederate Drive, the road on which the memorial is located. (He recommends Freedom Drive or Justice Drive.)

The 32-foot-high granite shaft depicting “The Angel of the Spirit of the Confederacy” was presented to Forest Park in 1914 by the Daughters of the Confederacy of St. Louis.

This is not the first time the four-time Mayor of St. Louis has declared war on American veterans. In 2001 Slay removed the Georgia and Mississippi flags from the City Hall rotunda because they feature the Confederate flag. A Post-Dispatch editorial hailed the move as “the right thing to do” and congratulated Slay for removing a symbol of “slavery, racism, and segregation” but what has happened since Slay removed the Mississippi and Georgia flags in 2001?

One would think that peace and harmony would have prevailed since the removal of such “symbols of hatred” six years ago in 2001, but that’s not the case.

According to a December 6, 2006 CBS News report:

“St. Louis has become the nation’s most dangerous city, snapping Detroit’s three-year run with that inauspicious label, according to a Kansas company’s yearly ranking. 

St. Louis was no safer in 2011. According to U.S. News.Com St. Louis was again ranked #1 most dangerous city in America:


In 2013 St. Louis received the dubious honor of being the “Most Dangerous City in America”. On April 21, 2013 the River Front Times reported:

The most sinful city in America is also the deadliest.

Making the rounds this week is yet another negative ranking that has St. Louis occupying the No. 1 spot. The Conservative Post has named St. Louis the “most deadly” place to live in America in its latest top ten list, beating out Memphis, Houston, Seattle, New Orleans, New York, Newark, Miami, Oakland and Los Angeles…the Conservative Post says, “St. Louis has the highest rate of violent crime of any large US city. We’re talking murder, rape, and assault.”

Map courtesy of River Front Times

Map courtesy of River Front Times

In 2014 the Huffington Post reported that St. Louis had dropped to #4 on the list of most dangerous U.S. cities but added:

“…violent crime in St. Louis has dropped in recent years. In 2010, more than 6,200 violent incidents were reported in the city, or 1,747 per 100,000 residents. Despite this improvement, St. Louis still struggles with tragic levels of certain serious crimes. A total of 120 murders were reported in St. Louis last year, or 38 per 100,000 people, among the worst rates for any large U.S. city. Additionally, according to local news reports, there were considerably more murders this year through October than during the same period in 2013.”

Mayor Slay’s war on history seems to be the go to “drop back and punt” play as a response for his failure to score a political touchdown of any significance. Despite his pandering to leftist, the River City Examiner (in 2012) accused him of “Dreaming of a White City” and stacking his administration with a “Lilly White Entourage”.

Slay has an identity problem. He sees himself not as Francis Slay but as Francis Underwood of the Netflix series “House of Cards”. Francis Underwood ( like Francis Slay) is described as “power-hungry” who “must quickly gain control of his anger and hide his disappointment to present himself as a helpful lieutenant to the president and his agenda… with the ultimate goal of gaining power for himself.”

One might say the Francis Slay is worse than the fictional Francis Underwood. He is a man who is not satisfied with merely implementing an agenda opting instead to implement a kinder , gentler form of ISIS to deal with culture and history that he doesn’t approve of. No, he’s not chopping off heads, but like ISIS ( who is currently destroying 2000 year old Christian monuments and symbols in Iraq and Syria ) , Slay is hell-bent on destroying symbols and monuments that pay tribute to the sacrifices made by Missouri Confederates 150 years ago.

-Clint Lacy is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and can be reached at:

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